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Archive for Month: June 2015

Keeping Customers

Keeping customers isn’t just about customer service or on-going communication. Yes those are important and they need to be there but so does a well thought out Customer Engagement Strategy. Just because you have good customer service does not mean that you are not driving your customers away. Maybe they […]

Finding Customers

Of course you know that your Customer Engagement Strategy is an essential component for finding new customers and it is critical to keeping the existing ones or bringing lost customers back into the fold. Did you also realize that the way that you engage with customers now sets their expectations […]

Customer Engagement – You’re probably doing it wrong

Customer Engagement is not what most people think it is. Even Wikipedia only has it half right and still misses much of the point. Customer engagement (CE) is the engagement of customers with one another, with a company or a brand. That part is fine but they go on to […]

Planning to win

Customer Engagement is not a shoot from the hip matter – even if many organizations approach it that way. It can take almost as much time and effort in planning as implementing. Okay I know what you are saying. Planning may not seem like an exciting topic to many and […]

How Does Your Technology Fit

It is a simple question "How Does your Technology Fit?" and the answer is far from simple. It is not a yes or no question. You may know that it is a good fit but how does your customer know? One of the greatest challenges in marketing for technical products […]

Where to start?

The business world is not binary. The choice is not online or offline anymore. The choice is multifarious! Where are the places to be offline and where are the places to be online. The answer depends on who your customer is and where they can be found.